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2012-01-27: An Executable Formal Semantics of C with Applications was presented at POPL'12, with much interest.
2012-01-24: Our paper on Making Maude Definitions more Interactive was accepted at WRLA'12.
2011-11-01: A 5 minute K Framework Demo video is now available
2011-10-15: An Executable Formal Semantics of C with Applications was accepted for POPL'12. Congratulations to Chucky and Grigore!
2011-09-30: Chucky Ellison presented An Executable Formal Semantics of C with Applications at Midwest Verification Day 25px-Pdf_icon.pngPDF Info_circle.png

2011-09-30: K and Matching LogicGrigore Rosu gave an invited talk at Midwest Verification Day 25px-Zip_icon.png PPTX Info_circle.png

and 25px-Pdf_icon.pngPDF Info_circle.png .

2011-07-05: Dorel Lucanu and Vlad Rusu presented K Semantics for Domain Specic Modeling Languages at KEPT 2011.
2011-06-20: Wolfram Schulte interviewed Grigore Rosu about K and matching logic on Microsoft's Channel 9.
2011-06-20: The call for papers and the website for the 2011 K Workshop was launched.
2011-06-20: Dorel Lucanu presented Contributions to the K framework at the 7th MC+WG Meeting, 2nd Action Training School
2011-04-27: Our C semantics, written in the K Framework, has been reviewed by Professor John Regehr.
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